County Fails to Allocate Any Money for the Climate Emergency.

Despite passing a resolution declaring a climate emergency on December 5, the County Council this morning approved it’s FY 19 budget without including any money for a Climate Emergency Office.  The Climate Emergency, 350 MoCo and MC-FACS had requested $1 million for the office to evaluate and coordinate climate change.  Council members talked about adding $70,000 for a half year for one position, with the money coming from the Final Reconciliation List where some $15 million was distributed to restore or supplement programs.

In the end, the Council could not find a paltry $70,000 to combat the most serious problem that we face.  One that threatens the very future of our society.  The Council has proven itself to be all talk and no action, capable only of passing meaningless, feel good resolutions but in the end doing nothing.

“To call attention to the hypocrisy of at least some members of the Council in declaring an emergency and then not including money to deal with that emergency, ten of us, as individuals, not representing our organizations, chose to risk arrest by disrupting the Council meeting,”  said Dr. Jim Driscoll, a decorated Vietnam veteran and former MIT professor. “We will not save our County or our planet from climate chaos by business as usual. Increasingly, climate activists in the region and elsewhere have turned to nonviolent direct action in the tradition of King, Gandhi and suffragette Alice Paul. Politicians in MOCO like to talk the talk on climate. Increasingly, we will insist that they walk the talk as well.”

It’s time to vote Green to show the County that there is an alternative, that we don’t have to accept whatever the Democrats decide to throw our way.

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