I am running for County Council because I want to build a sustainable, green future

It is imperative that we build a green economy. We must build a carbon neutral economy, create thousands of green jobs, move toward 100% renewable energy, and increase building efficiency to save energy.

Montgomery County should be a leader in the transition to a green future

Our development policies are badly off course and threaten the quality of life in the county. Developers have been given a free hand. We have allowed development to proceed with no plan for how to pay for and build the infrastructure that would be necessary to support it.

This poorly planned growth has given us the most crowded schools in the state, ever more congested roads, a Metro system badly underfunded, and ever higher taxes to pay for these infrastructure needs. Our growth policy should reflect the limits of the resources we have for adequate schools, infrastructure, and services.

We must build a just society.

We face a widening divide between the wealthy and the rest of us. We must devote more resources to those who are struggling to get by. Our schools are becoming segregated into wealthy districts and poor districts.  We are losing affordable housing. Soaring college costs saddle students with a choice between lack of education and crippling debt.

Everyone should be guarantee equal opportunity before the law.  We must ensure our police force is highly trained in conflict resolution strategies and is aware of the dangers of implicit bias.

Foreign born residents now make up a third of our population.  We must protect them from abusive ICE raids and racial profiling.  The county needs to guarantee an environment that is safe and secure.

We must provide for those left behind.

We need to do more to promote affordable housing.  At present we are tearing down more affordable housing than we build.  This is a losing strategy.   We should preserve and retrofit existing affordable housing, We should enact stricter rent control guidelines and enact more renter safeguards such as a just cause eviction rule.

All schools should have access to equal resources and all students access to programs that they need. We should implement a universal pre-k program and free college tuition.

Rural areas have suffered under our increasingly international economy, losing schools, health facilities, banks and jobs.  We need to build community based, green economies to return jobs and investment to these areas.

We can build a society that is sustainable, prosperous and just but it will take serious efforts at reform to some of our present policies.  I am dedicated to making those changes, but I need your help.

I am running a campaign based on small individual donations.  I will not accept donations from developers, unions, or PACs.  I would like to qualify for public matching funds but to do that I need many individual donations.  Please consider making a donation online.    Or mail a check to Friends of Tim Willard, P.O. Box 217, Kensington, MD. 20895

Thank you all for your support

Tim Willard

Authorized and paid for by Friends of Tim Willard, Julia Rice, treasurer